Kaos Universe

The Kaos Network's home server - our precious.

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About the Server

So in the time we have been building servers, we have always wanted a flagship server, something that defines us. Welcome to Kaos Universe. This server is packed with mods, technology, magic and more; and will be the main developed server we run. This server will possibly run on a network, allowing us to have multiple worlds open for people that want to play survival and creative, as well as a linked chat throughout the network.

If you want to beta test the website, then please send me an email: danny@kaos-network.com.

If you want to create artwork for our network, then please feel free, even videos, everything submitted to us, will be added to our website, as we do love some good artwork.

Can you build? Well? Again, please get in touch, we are looking for a selection of builders to create some fatastic and glorious masterpieces around this server, as we need to design a new hub.

Server Worlds

World Description
Hub/Lobby This is your main join area, all players first connecting will be sent here, and can then access whatever server they wish to. Here you will see our amazing lobby and see some of the artwork made by people.
Survival The usual survival server, open world, with basic grief prevention type claiming, go create a life, or maybe a company, do everything and anyting.
Creative Want to see what you can do? Maybe even test new features from mods, then just jump on here, claim a plot and go nuts.
Artwork So as I said above, we want to make a world where people can submit all their amazing creations, this will be a claimed creative world essentially for building awesome structures, every week, each structure will be saved as a schematic, and then the world will be cleared.