AirWaves: V2

An always up-to-date server for ComputerCraft with the latest build - nightly builds.

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About the Server

This server is a nightly release server, and works by constantly pulling the repository for ComputerCraft and SquidDev, then merging and building them and then creating builds and placing them on the website for you guys to download, as well as updating the server and then rebooting it.

In terms of mods and plugins; well... there are none at all. This server is not really to be used as a main server, you are welcome to use it still, as we may add mods that come to 1.12.2 in time, but this server is specifcally for the guys working on the ComputerCraft version now it's open source. It's also for you to test programs and do suff on!

To download the mods required, they are available to download in the left sidebar. Click to download them and then make sure you have the forge version: 1.12 - installed.

Update to 1.12 is now completed. Just please download the only mod needed and make sure you have the above mentioned version of Forge installed.