Want to join a team of devoted members here at Kaos Network?

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Working with us!

Please Note: All jobs are unpaid, and rarely if we reach a certain threshold of donations, then sometimes you can can receive a gift card.

What is it like?
Jobs with us are great and can be very entertaining, we are a fairly close group who have a group chat and talk throughout the week. We have many channels on our slack environment where we talk about related/unrelated chat. We work together to fix the server and are always working on new ideas and possible things we can add.

What will you learn?
You will learn about general server usage, moderation and even coding based on our chats. All of us know Lua and most of us help each other in other languages. You will most likely learn how to use a Linux command line, as well as managing server consoles. Depending on the role you take, depends on what more you can learn. We want to help you improve as well as become better as a team.

What you should write in the application

We look for many qualities in someone, below are some we seek, and if you think you have them then please feel free to apply! We are a fun group and want fun people to join!

  • Enthusiasm
  • Minecraft Knowledge
  • Programming Language (Developer Jobs)
  • Server Moderation
  • Basic Linux Understanding

1. Firstly, we are not a company. We are just a group of people. So speak to us like a friend of a friend, we are cool so if you want to make a joke then go for it (just make sure it's funny).

2. Secondly, always make sure to give some kind of evidence or explanation of your reason. If you say you're a good developer or you have strict standards, then tell us, give us some examples and link us to places we can see!

3. Thirdly, If you are going for a moderation type role, then please tell us if you've had experience, even if you haven't we don't mind and can teach, we just need to understand where you are in terms of skill level.

4. Fourth, we are always very busy, so usually; you will get some kind of confirmation or reply within 72 hours (3 days) of sending your application, but please make sure that you speak correct English and don't make mistakes, otherwise we may just not want to read the application.

5. Lastly, We don't need grades or anything, the core information we need is your date of birth, full name, in-game name, and timezone.

Available Positions (Information)

Creative Designer
The role is for someone who has a creative spark and a good eye for modern, futuristic and playful design. We are looking someone to work with our current designer to build designs for server worlds, logos, and artwork. This role gives anyone a chance to even help re-design the website. We don't expect you to know animation, but it would be nice to have.

Server Moderator
We are looking for someone with good Minecraft management knowledge and understands how commands work and what to do. As well as a friendly and easy to talk to person to help with keeping the server managed, and helping keep everyone happy, as well as also giving warnings and making sure no disruptive behaviour happens.

Mod Developer
A few of us know mod development, but we are looking for someone who has more free time on their hands than we do to come and build up custom mods, for different versions of our server including Forge mods as well as server plugins so that we can expand how people can interact and use our server. You will be required to know Java and have some experience in mod development before hand.

World Builder
If you are good with building and love making new things, and enjoy the tedious task of terraforming, then please; get in touch. We need a new world builder to make awesome worlds, spawns, villages and even cities, and may even ask you to build a space station... We are looking someone to join our team and help flesh out the server worlds that other people will interact with, when you apply, then please give us some examples of things you have done before.