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The Kaos team always try and make each server with cause, with the correct version, and the most fun mods for each pack, every server cluster is handpicked to have a purpose and to be an overall great modpack.

Modpacks / Plugins

All servers have custom modpacks and plugins to make sure that your experience is jam-packed and full of amazing things to accomplish - like programming the next best app or building a city.

Designed Worlds

Each world is made with a set of basic structures, like spawn, help desk and a hall so that all users get a fair chance - if you ever have something you think is missing, then catch us on IRC or Discord.

Attentive Staff

Our staff is dedicated to providing you an enjoyable session. If you need to contact us, we have many places where you can find us, like the IRC below, our Discord, and the general Minecraft Chat.

What's Happening?

See recent happenings and what we've been up to as well as keeping up to server updates and changes that are happening on the website/servers.

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Sonar X2 :: StarMade Server is a go!

Hello everyone!

In the time of building Sonar X1 we realised something important. Minecraft was not good enough to be the space based server we wanted, and with some time and energy, we have figured out that StarMade would be a close fit! The game is on Steam and is really fun and they are adding new stuff all the time!

So come join us and build factions, create fleets, develop an awesome space station, or conquer the galaxy with a heavily powered space craft to destroy everything in it's path! Wager war on other factions and more!

Click here to visit the server page!

5 months ago

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The State of Kaos Network

Dear Kaos Network Players,

All servers are currently down and there is no update on when they will be back up. Please stay tunned for more info.

Thank you for your support and game play thus far. See you all soon!

~ Kaos Network Team

5 months ago

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Project BETA 2 Released!

You've been waiting for it, We are releasing it. Project Beta 2 is HERE! Go HERE to learn more. 

Magician, Engineer, Adventurer, Explorer, or some mish mash of all: Project Beta 2.

7 months ago


Our Servers

Learn our servers, networks and clusters below or find out more by clicking the servers menu item to see a full list of servers we had and have!

Kaos Universe

Our first flagship server dedicated to showing off the Kaos Network, here you can join the network, either hang out i the hub, as well as play games and get better at your own programming, maybe complete some of the awesome world freerunning courses..? Try not to fall!

Let's Explore


Since the open sourcing of computercraft, us over here at Kaos Network found it a necesity to have an up-to-date, hot and fresh server with the latest version of computercraft. This idea and development took the form of AirWaves. AirWaves V2 has recently released, now running in 1.12!


Project Beta

With the passing months, project beta has collected dust and lived in the shadows, with the thoughts of one of the team members; we are now reviving the old Project Beta server with a ton of awesome new mods, that revolve around technology and magic, pretty cool, aye?

Lift Dust

Sonar X

One of the most 'out of the ordinary' servers has landed, its name: Sonar X. Sonar X is a server designed around two primary objectives. Get rich, and get to space. Become the Elon Musk of minecraft with Sonar X's modpack, consisting of Galacticraft, ComputerCraft, and much more!

Beam Me Up

Your Idea?

Since we love our community and are always open to new ideas, then get in touch! We want to make servers that guys will play, we play and we choose what we love to play, but sometimes we might not get it spot on, so why don't you help? join the team or just suggest us a new theme!

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Got a question about the server? Want to invest or help out? Even some ideas that you think would be cool to share then get in touch! Make sure to give us a valid email otherwise we shall discard your request.

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